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    Pumping System

    Additional System Benefits


    • Five sizes are available to accommodate the needs of your process
    • The pump head model is approximate of the pump volume (in milliliters) but may vary with expansion of silicone diaphragm, and flow rate is a function of the cycle time set in the pump controller
    • Each has a sanitary flange for secure connection to process as required
    • Materials of USP Class VI silicone and stainless steel are autoclave-compatible
    • Requires a pump controller to cycle pressurized air to discharge liquid contents, and possibly vacuum to fill liquid into the pump chamber
    • All qualified for > 1 million cycles to provide several months of continuous operation*
    • Available in plastic (with minimum order quantity) for single-use applications
    *Service life depends on cycle frequency/flow rate.

    Dome Pump Head Part Numbers^

    APSP-PH3D: Magma APS-3D Dome Pump Head
    APSP-PH10D: Magma APS-10D Dome Pump Head
    APSP-PH50D: Magma APS-50D Dome Pump Head
    APSP-PH180D: Magma APS-180D Dome Pump Head
    APSP-PH860D: Magma APS-860D Dome Pump Head

    Dome Pump Diaphragm Part Numbers

    APSP-DIA3D: Magma APS-3 Dome Diaphragm
    APSP-DIA10D: Magma APS-10 Dome Diaphragm
    APSP-DIA50D: Magma APS-50 Dome Diaphragm
    APSP-DIA180D: Magma APS-180 Dome Diaphragm
    APSP-DIA860D: Magma APS-860 Dome Diaphragm

    ^The number included in the part number represents the pump volume in milliliters.

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