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    CP Biotools LLC was established as an independent company March 24, 2021, when this PendoTECH subsidiary was spun off at the time of the acquisition of PendoTECH by Mettler Toledo International. The assets owned by CP Biotools are products and patents in the area of specialized Single Use Bioreactors, Bioreactor Control Systems and Air Diaphragm Pumps targeted towards:

    • Continuous manufacturing of therapeutic proteins and antibodies
    • Cell and gene therapy for production of viral vectors and cells for cell therapy

    Our Mission

    Our objective is to further commercialize CP Biotools’ existing products and develop additional products based on the patents we own. At the forefront of this mission are our Magma Air Diaphragm Pump Heads that enable long-term sterile pumping with a qualified life of over 1,000,000 cycles in applications like perfusion bioreactors.

    We take pride in our portfolio that comprises several patents for revolutionary bioprocessing equipment. Our proprietary technology provides life-science laboratories and biopharmaceutical companies the processing tools they need to accelerate research, increase productivity and deliver in-demand therapies.